A 100kw Idea

There sure were a lot of guys with the same name as me at that meeting. Maybe the fact that it was the Emergency Council of the Chads had something to do with it. I sat next to my friend Chad, and his friend Chad, and then my other friend Chad came and sat on the other side of me. He was also with his friend, Chad, who I don’t like all that much. Kind of a poser. He was the one who said he’d moved to Sydney to start doing commercial solar installation. Sydney needs it, apparently – Chad saw a documentary on how solar energy in Australia was lagging behind, and he was bragging about his professional transition at the pub.

Then he was back a week later because he forgot to do any research and thought that commercial solar was to do with reflecting sunlight at dark offices with giant dishes. What a moron. He still thinks his idea is a good one.

Anyway, the emergency council was because there were apparently just ‘too many of us’ and ‘something needed to be done’ and ‘the genetic replication process had gone badly wrong’…but I missed a lot of it. I get distracted easily, and I was thinking about Chad with his commercial solar idea. Chad IS an idiot, but my other mate Chad had a really good idea once: selling 100kw systems. He heard about them on Six Twee Minutes, and they’re apparently systems for companies generating major solar energy, and he didn’t know anything else about them but they sounded dope and he said we could set up a company together doing that. He just had a good feeling about 100 kw commercial solar systems, you know. They were gonna be big and we were gonna make big money.

Yeah, so, that fell apart when we found out that it’s not just something you can buy from a wholesaler and sell door-to-door. It’s a big thing, too big to fit in the back of Chad’s ute. I still think there’s something in that idea though. Like, if you could combine the dish idea with solar panels…unlimited power! Or something!