Aggression For the Sake of Beauty

dermal fillers MelbourneIt’s true, I’m a little bit militant with my beauty tactics. That’s why I broke away from the industry in the end: too many people who were content to set up a beauty clinic and expect people to come to them. I know that’s how business works, but it never made me content. So many people would wander past the windows with terrible eyebrows, or fingernails that needed a manicure so badly, and I had no power to do anything about it. So in the end I took it to the streets…or the café, as it were.

The café gets a wide clientele, so it’s perfect for my line of work. Oh, I never see anyone and say ‘hey ugly, need a beauty treatment? Yeah you do’. That’s rude. But I do see people who are inches away from being their very best self, and so I sidle up to their table and tell them so. Want to have a go at some of the best lip fillers in Melbourne? I do it with tact and a great deal of experience, of course. People tend to be surprised at first, and then after I keep talking they come around to my way of thinking. Just imagine if someone non-threatening came up to you while you were having coffee, told you that you looked amazing and then promised to make you look even more amazing. It’s a hard one to resist, right? And it’s not like eyebrow tattooing is a major bit of life-changing surgery. Well, it could change your life, but you won’t walk out of the procedure looking utterly different in every way, like some ghastly plastic surgery.

Some folks aren’t interested, and that’s fine. I don’t bait them with vague, passive-aggressive comments about if they’re sure they don’t want to be their best self, their loss, blah de blah…it’s just a ‘no problem, have a lovely afternoon’. If you already have someone who does dermal fillers in Ballarat or wherever, that’s fine by me. But my militant beauty strategies get results. Confidence is key.