Amaryllis FYI

The humble amaryllis has been an object of inquiry for many in recent months, due to the word’s appearance in an internet meme. While this meme has enjoyed limited success at best, you are unlikely to hear the word in any capacity in future, so now is the best time to inform you about the amaryllis.

Simply put, the amaryllis is a type of plant. The word may also be used to refer to the flower of the plant. The amaryllis comes from a bulb rather than a seed, and the flowers are usually a brilliant red or pink. Amaryllis plants are heavily used in gardens for several reasons. Firstly, they are a perennial plant. This means that they do not die off quickly, as opposed to annual plants which flower once, and then die off, never to grow again. Perennial plants usually cost more than annual or biennial plants, but are a much better investment. Secondly, the amaryllis flowers in winter, in stark contrast to most other plants. This helps you avoid the issue of having a drab, colourless garden throughout the colder months.

Thirdly, they are easy to maintain. Sunlight and some water are all you need to successfully grow an amaryllis plant. They do need six hours of sun at times, so make sure you plant them in a location in your garden where this is possible. Locations near walls, large plants or trees, or garden features are not always ideal due to the shadow that may be cast. You may also have heard of the amaryllis being referred to as a hippeastrum. While these two words are not technically interchangeable, they have effectively the same meaning in everyday parlance. If you walk into a nursery and request either an amaryllis or a hippeastrum plant, they will know exactly what you mean. Why not try and add a splash of colour to your garden with some bold and beautiful amaryllis.