Card Games On a Boat, Hoo Boy…

Alright, so…that was an interesting weekend.

I get all sorts coming through here, but mostly young, single folks who want a way to spend their time on a lonely weekend. Or people who just love adventure. I’ve had a few families through, though not many really want to spend all weekend with just themselves on a tiny boat. I get that. I wouldn’t want to do that with my family either.

But this one did, signing up for my course on all things boat related. Usually I just go through the syllabus: teaching them how to sail, how to take care of a boat- all the best outboard motor repair places in Melbourne, and all that- and then more obscure stuff, like how to take care of their anchor winches. And yeah, we DID go through all that, but also…they played a lot of card games. Just, all the time, card games, whenever they weren’t being taught something. They even had all these cards to do with boating and outboard motors, even though I can’t fathom where they got them. Everything was decided was card games, like who got the last bit of dinner and who had to stay up to take the night-shift on the helm. They invited me to play, but I declined…obviously. Not only do I not have a clue what they’re talking about, but I would’ve been absolutely thrashed. They clearly take this very seriously, and they got REALLY dramatic. I couldn’t keep up with it all; had to just go outside and take a break from the constant tournaments.

Like, I THINK they learned some stuff about boating. The kid mentioned at the end that he thinks that Melbourne’s outboard motor servicing should be able to fix one of my potential quiz problems. Still, they insisted upon turning my final quiz into yet another card game tournament. That was the last one, and I was glad.