Cheaters drink champagne

lorrne beach apartmentsI finally caught him out. As most of you I have known for a while, aka six months, that my husband is cheating on me. I just had no hard proof, but now I do. The late nights in the office weren’t cutting it anymore as an excuse and he realised that. So, a couple of weeks he laid the foundation for a big web of lies he could spin to keep in the dark. His boss has given him a new project based in Lorne, along the great ocean road, and he will have to be there for a week at least once a month. As soon as he started telling me about it my suspicions were roused. A week away, in beautiful Lorne, once a month….doesn’t sound like work! I had a route through some of his papers in his brief case when he was in the shower, he is very good at hiding any trace of any evidence but I just knew that one day he would slip. I found an online print out confirmation for luxury accommodation rental on the great ocean road. OK. So I know what you’re thinking, this fits with his story. The guy has to work Lorne so why wouldn’t he book himself somewhere nice to stay. Fair enough, he would. Along with the confirmation letter it also had a memo of his requests, which were as follows; king size bed, fresh flowers, two robes and champagne on arrival. OK so that’s pretty much hard proof but if even that doesn’t fully convince you then this will. I then turned the paper over to find a beautiful looking image of the Lorne beach apartments with these words printed underneath, ‘We can’t wait to see you, thanks for your booking Sean and Lisa.’ I am not Lisa. I didn’t want to give in then and throw his clothes out the window while he showered. Oh no. I will have my moment. It will be in Lorne, I think just after him and Lisa arrive they’ll be in for a treat when they realise their champagne is being served by Sean’s devoted and faithful wife.