Decorative Glass Flag

Concord Flight has received its first official review for a live gig. It’s… not good. The local newspaper gave us two stars. That’s not out of five, or even ten. That’s out of a thousand possible stars. Bret and Jemaine got two stars just for showing up, and even then, they were an hour late. The review says they were clearly under the influence of some sort of drink. I suspect that they got so nervous about the show that they went out and partied before it, and got a bit carried away. 

Well, this is going to be an awkward band meeting. Maybe they’ll forget about the review and not ask about it. That’s probably the best-case scenario. I’m wishing now more than ever that we had office window tinting. I really don’t want Greg to find out about this review. I’ll never hear the end of it. Apparently, Greg is starting to manage his own band. He can’t do so during office hours, but I expect a bit of a rivalry to form between us. Whose band will become more successful? Mine, obviously, but Greg doesn’t know that.

I’ve actually managed to find a commercial decorative glass business close to Melbourne that will install some privacy windows, and they’ll accept New Zealand money for it. The only problem is that the window has to depict the Australian flag. That will be a bit strange since this is the New Zealand Consulate, but I’m seriously considering it. That’s how desperate I am to have some privacy in my office. Greg is going to steal all of my band management ideas if he can keep spying on our meetings.

I’ve told Bret and Jemaine to bring a poster that we can put over the window for today’s meeting. I’m technically not supposed to put anything on the window, but we will just do it for our short meeting. I really don’t want Greg to find out how much of a flop the gig was.

– Murray