End of Roses

When we bees got put out of the job, the world really turned into a mess. I guess that big honey corporation didn’t realise that we were completely necessary to keep the world alive. You know, because we pollinate all the plants. Without us doing that, they’d all die out and the world would soon die with them. When I realised what was happening, I went straight to my best friend, a human by the name of Veronica. To be honest, I actually have a bit of a crush on her. I asked her if she likes jazz when we first met, so you know, pretty steamy stuff.

It seemed that I had caught her at a good time. She was about to go to this Rose Plant Festival, to see the last of the flowers in the world before they went away forever. When she told me that, I came up with a clever plan, better than any plan I’d ever come up with before. Roses are flowers! Flowers have pollen, and bees need pollen! So, we decided to steal all of the flowers before the parade and deliver them straight to my hive. The only problem was that these roses were located in Sydney. How was I going to get a truck full of roses from Sydney to Melbourne? They’d probably all die by the time we drove back. It’s a full ten hours.

We decided to transport as many Brindabella roses as possible via plane since that would only take a few hours. Once we had a solid plan of action, all we had to do was enact it successfully. And the truth is, we haven’t actually done it yet. Wish us luck, because if we fail, all of the flowers on Earth are doomed. I’m sure that’s not what anybody wants, no matter how they feel about bees in the world. Do the right thing and keep us in your thoughts as we go on this crazy mission.

– Benedict the Blogging Bee