Faulty AC turn the house into an oven

Remember what I said about loving the heat? Yeah…turns out that may have been a little bit premature. So I was in Melbourne visiting mum, since she has some time off for Christmas. Of course, Melbourne has pretty much perfect weather at this time of year. I stepped off the plane into the sun and felt like my troubles had just drifted away (or been violently hurled into the sun, one or the other). Mum still had a couple of days work left, so I was left at home to get some work of my own done. I was up to my ears in my study papers when I realised that the place was heating up, really fast. Now, my mum lives in a pretty leafy neighbourhood, so it doesn’t get hot too often. But it reached the point of being stifling in the house, and I knew I had to get out. Summer was definitely in full swing in Melbourne, air conditioning was put on full blast as I retreated to the garden while the house cooled down.

The garden was nice, but not all that productive. There is no real motivation to study when you’re lying in the shade on a 35 degree day. I thought it was time to go back inside, I prepared for the icy flow of air. I opened the sliding door and was met by a blast of heat so intense I’m surprised my eyebrows didn’t melt off my face. The air conditioner was set to a nice cool temperature, something was wrong. Of course, mum chose that exact moment to walk into the house from the front door. I got a panoramic view of her walking in, making a choking face and backing out. We met around the side of the house and formed a plan. This plan involved me commando crawling to the air conditioner and turning it off, then opening all the doors and windows.

We then had to call in an air conditioning repairs company based in Melbourne. The good news? We couldn’t exactly go back into the house, so mother and I went out for dinner and spent some time out on the town. I’m pretty sure I didn’t break anything. But either way, it turned out to be some unexpected quality time with the family. Hooray for nearly setting the house on fire!