Ghost Car Autocracy

I’m worried about Ghost Car. He’s been acting a little weird lately, and the things I just found on our shared internet history don’t help. We have a family plan for our mobile data, and I got in contact with our service provider so that I could see the search history. I told them it was a matter of life and death, so they gave me access pretty quickly. Ghost Car has been searching for a lot of information about autocracy and the Auto King. I don’t like it. These autocrats are a radical group. If they had their way, humans would be in servitude to cars, with the Auto King ruling all of Earth. It doesn’t really affect me, as a ghost, but I’d rather have President Crumpet be the king of Earth before the Auto King.

While we were at the ghost car mechanic near Hobart, I overheard him talking to the shop owner about the Auto King as well. And then the other day I checked the mail and found a bunch of pamphlets and posters with pictures of the Auto King, addressed for Mr GC. That’s got to be Ghost Car, right? I’m really worried that we’re going to lose him to this movement. What if he decides that cars should rule the world as the superior species. He is a sentient car, after all, even if he is a ghost.

The next time we get Ghost Car repairs in the Hobart area, I’ll ask the mechanic what my friend thinks of the Auto King. I’m too afraid to confront Ghost Car about it, especially with the way Ghost Cow has been behaving lately. He still hasn’t gotten over his reliance on hyperbaric therapy yet. Our friendship can’t take much more tension. And now I’m hearing that there’s going to be an autocracy rally near us in a few days. I’ll have to keep a close eye on Ghost Car, to make sure he doesn’t sneak off to it. Wish me luck, or the adventures of the Three G’s may be over sooner than I’d hoped.

– Ghost Driver