Giving the rich a bad name?

They say that rich people are stingy but I’m here to tell you that it’s a lie. We may be a lot of things but stingy is not one of them. We may be frugal, economical, efficient, money-wise, thrifty, austere, Spartan…. but stingy? Huh! We rich people aren’t tight, we’re clever and considerate whereas most people can’t do simple things like save money and spend wisely.  Frankly, that’s the reason why some people are poor and others are rich! Let me give you an example.

Recently I had to make a call about my air conditioning. Adelaide has some brilliant services for heating and cooling so I promptly found an air conditioning repairs company to help me out. Now, I’m not the type of person to waste resources and I make the most out of everything I get, so although central air conditioning is quite convenient and luxurious, and it can be quite wasteful. I stick to my good old hole-in-the-wall window air con on hot days and try to stay in the same room of the house instead of cooling every room – I mean, what’s the point of that? This way I save money and resources. I bet all the greenies out there would be happy about that. Anyway, when the air conditioning broke down and I called the guys out to fix it, my neighbour spotted them and asked if they could repair her air-con while they were at it. She’s a bit of a grungy type – you know, natural hair, no make up, and guess what? She’s not very rich either. It’s probably because she lives in an enormous house and runs the ducted cooling. No wonder it broke down – that was the universe telling her to stop wasting and get frugal. I told her all of this while we were getting our air conditioning services. Adelaide is home to some odd sorts and she’s no exception, but I think she was starting to see my point.

People can say what they want about rich people, but honestly, they could learn a thing or two.