Jeannie: My Star Speaker

inspirational speakerFrom a young age Jeannie had an exceptional presence. You could tell when she was in a room because she commanded attention. Not by being the loudest or the funniest but just by being Jeannie. When she spoke, everyone listened and as she has got older it’s only become more impressive. It didn’t surprise anyone when she won awards for public speaking at school. She excelled in drama and eventually developed a real flair for speech delivery. Jeannie now enjoys a successful career among some of the best motivational speakers in Australia. She travels the word delivering keynote addresses to corporate conferences, government organisations and private groups. I never really thought of ‘motivational speaker’ as a career path, but it is the perfect choice for Jennie.

It is hard because a lot of the time she is out of Australia for work. Last year she spent four months in Europe delivering speeches at major European business summits. This year she has spent more time in the USA where she has even delivered addresses to the United Nations headquarters and various summits with very important people in attendance. What’s crazy is that through all her success  and fortune, she has remained the same. She is still our Jennie who comes for dinner and sits with us doing the crossword. This year she has been nominated for an award for being the best female inspirational speaker in Australia! She is planning to write a book that will be released early in the coming year. The book is going to be all about her experiences as a motivational speaker. Jeannie always comes home with stories of how people told her she changed their life. People who’ve heard her speak have gone on to be much happier and more successful. I always knew Jennie was special, I am just so glad she found a way to use it for good.