Library chaos, air conditioning to the rescue

The day was hot, the sun was brutal and tempers were soaring. It seems that children always go a little crazy in the heat, and parents are easily frustrated most of the time anyway. I decided to brave the summer sun leaving my lovely air conditioned apartment to have a day at the library. Rather than drive, I was walked down to the library with my bag full of books to return, and my laptop on that bright sunny Adelaide day. I had planned to stay at the library for the entire day to do some research for a paper that I had been neglecting. I had a few book recommendations that I wanted to find as well.

When I got to the library it was like stepping into a zoo. There were children running everywhere, screaming as they chased each other around what was meant to be a quiet zone. Parents were yelling from one end of the library, trying to get their children to stop throwing books at the opposite end of the library. It was incredibly hot in the library and when I asked one of the staff members what was going on they told me their air conditioning had stopped working.

I asked the woman if they were going to get it fixed and she told me that some guys that perform air conditioning services in Adelaide were due any minute to have a look at it. I wasn’t going to stay in this madhouse if there was no hope of getting the air con fixed, but seeings as the guys from Air Conditioning Service Melbourne were expected soon, I decided to find a desk.

I noticed technicians from the air conditioning repair company in Adelaide walk through the library and out to the back office. I was getting frustrated with the kids, running around yelling. Why didn’t their parents take them home? Hopefully these guys would have the air conditioner up and running in no time and the children would calm down.