Making up over swimming pool fences

Relationships can cause both major highs and major lows. Your partner can be a great source of joy but equally a vehicle for frustration. The main source of all of my clients strife comes from their relationship in one way or another. This is the beautiful carousel we call love. Although the surface issues can appear extremely trivial, what lies beneath is often a far darker, truer problem. The home as a shared territory often acts as the subject of disputes. It can be as simple as argument that brews over swimming pool fences. Melbourne is a trendy city and design choices mean a lot to people. Couples bicker endlessly over whether their pool fence should be glass or aluminium, timber or steel. If it’s not pool fences it is light fixtures, you catch my drift. What is really at stake though is not the final look of the swimming pool but the equality and balance between the two parties.

Dominance over the home and its look is a big error in an equal union, both partners personalities need to shine through in order to create a truly shared space. So although it may sound superficial to spend a lot of time dwelling on interior design decisions it can in the long run be make or break for you and your significant other. A joint decision over the material, height and style of pool fences, Melbourne is a hotspot for outdoor design, can really make a difference further down the line when those sunny weekends spent by the pool reflect the product of two people coming together. When just one voice is heard the other feels unworthy and will eventually be ultimately silenced in its absence. A home is built from love, strength and partnership and that takes more than a beautiful glass pool fence. Talking through things calmly can really make a big difference in assuring both voices are heard, no one listens when the volume is turned up.