Missing My Boat

Sometimes I just feel like a damsel stuck in an underground dungeon with a lion ready to eat me. It is those times that I get on my trusty boat and set out to sea, just to escape all the stresses of life that I have to deal with on the land. No, there’s nothing quite like running away from your problems. I would encourage you to try it some time if you haven’t experienced it yourself. All of life’s troubles just fade away on the ocean. With poor phone reception out there, nobody can even get in contact with you. It’s really great. Of course, I can’t do that now, which is a real shame. Why can’t I? Well, my boat needs some work done on it and is currently with a business for marine stainless steel fabrication close to Melbourne. That actually sucks quite a bit, because I’m in a pickle right now and can’t go out to the ocean, ignoring my problems.

My problem is quite severe at the moment. See, I was exploring up in the hills and came across a set of standing stones arranged in a circle. Out of curiosity, I stepped into the circle and began to chant whatever came to mind. That summoned some sort of demon, who apparently wants to steal my soul and destroy the entire city of Melbourne. I was like, “Look, man, all I want is to get my boat latch attached without any hassle, but we can’t all get what we want.” The demon wasn’t too impressed with that response and tried to steal my soul anyway. I managed to escape by singing nursery rhymes to distract it, but I think the thing is still searching for me.

I really would love to get on my boat and sail out to sea, where the demon can’t get me. Too bad my boat is with the marine welders for at least another day. I’ll have to hold out until I can get it on the water once more.