My New Platform Friend?

Happens to the best of us. Talk to a girl online for two years, arrange to meet up and find out that she’s actually a really lonely fifty-year-old guy. Like, I saw face pics and everything. Whose face was that, anyway? Does he know that’s identity fraud? Although this explain, like, SO much. Not that woman can’t work in construction, but you don’t see a lot of them, and yet ‘Vanessa’ seemed to know every single little thing about it, like she’d grown up on a construction site. I even got her to recommend a good brand of aluminium work platform for when I was volunteering at the children’s hospital, and she really came through. Or I should say, HE really came through.

Two years, and nothing more than a couple of face pictures and a boatload of text. Also explains why he didn’t want to video call. Although the one thing we did get out of the deal was a really good ladder recommendation, so there’s at least that. He actually brought up the aluminium work platforms when we met, alongside all the stuff about how he actually just wanted a friend. Nobody else was so interested in his stories about cement mixers and scaffolding and the different grades of qualities when it comes to hard hats and other personal protective equipment. I was in it for a bit more than stories about aluminium scaffolding, but we had some VERY engaging conversations about how cheap imports are ruining the industry, and how every construction site deserves at least one food truck nearby for ease of lunch access. And then there was the time we stayed until 3 am talking about types of planks and trestles and why pneumatic drills are actually a very overrated part of the road construction experience.

Alright, so I’m starting to notice a trend. Two years on the same topic, and I maybe should’ve noticed…something. Anyway, I put him onto Visage-Tome, so he can have all the friends he wants.