• conveyancing
  • Getting a better conveyancer

    I’ve been in the property business for a long time and I know my way around. Sadly, my old conveyancer retired recently and so I have to find a new one. He was a legend, he always had my documents ready and they were always meticulously prepared and presented. He had an eye for detail, […]

  • hyperbaric treatment
  • Improving my health with hyperbarics

    My whole life I’ve been vilified and ostracised for my poor health. You’d think this was the Third Reich, they way most people reject those who are not as physically perfect as they are. Superiority is human instinct, I’ve learnt. It’s the will to power. They may say that I’m a hypochondriac, they may say […]

  • custom marine fabrication
  • Smitten over snapper racks

    There’s only so much you can watch a mate go through before you feel like staging some kind of…intervention. I dunno, Alan seems happy sometimes, but he’s not really gonna be happy when his new girlfriend finds out that he’s been lying to her the whole time. Doesn’t he know anything? Women always find out […]

  • dry needling courses
  • Dry needling: My rescue remedy

    Thank the lord for the dry needling. It has been a miraculous cure to my chronic back pain. Every day since my beautiful Stevie was born I have woken up, taken multiple painkillers and prayed they last longer than the previous day. I have visited osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists across Auckland and I have found […]

  • beauty school
  • Learning beauty for my salon

    Maybe we need to build a bathroom in the back garden. Sometimes in the middle of the night I get an upset stomach, and it leads to everyone else being upset as well. There are noises…I won’t go into it. The worst part is that I wake up in the morning still looking like death. […]