Pests got you down? Call a pest controller!

My uncle had always wanted to open a pizza shop. He had dreams of being known as the man who makes the best wood fired pizza in town. Every time he invited us over for dinner he made pizzas, which tasted sensational. I had always encouraged him to open his dream store, I knew how unhappy he was working as a butcher. When he came home and announced he had just bought a small store in the main street I immediately cracked a bottle of champagne. I was so happy he was pursuing his dream and wanted to help him in any way I could. I sat with him and listened to him explain his store and how he was going to set it up, his marketing ideas and menu creations. This was truly great news.

A week later my uncle came around and wasn’t looking so excited. He told us all that he had found out why the store was selling for such a cheap price – it had a major termite problem. I asked him how bad the damage was and he told us he wasn’t sure. He was in the process of organising a local company to conduct the termite inspections. Berwick didn’t have another restaurant quite like the pizza place my uncle had envisioned. I was sure it would do well if he could just get rid of this white ant problem.

Two days after the pest inspection and no news from my uncle I decided to drop around to him. He was very upset and told me that the termite problem was about as bad as it gets. He seemed to be very discouraged by this so I tried my hardest to get him back on track.

I told him that we needed to tackle this challenge step by step. The first thing that needed to be was the pest control. Pakenham is known to have a bit of termite problem so my uncle really should have known better. I didn’t tell him this of course. The termite treatment took no longer than a day and then it was a matter of assessing the structural damage. It was going to cost a lot of money for the repairs but I saw it as an opportunity to renovate the shop. I told my uncle I wanted to invest in his idea so long as I got free pizza for life!