Professional Opinion On Property

My sister, Lea, came over this morning to announce that she’s finally been accepted into that architecture degree she’s been harping on about. That’s great, of course, but it would have been nicer if she hadn’t taken the sharing of it as an opportunity to criticise my new balcony renovation and disparage my suburb’s general standing in the Melbourne property market.

I mean, she hasn’t even started her studies and she already thinks she’s qualified to give an architectural assessment of my house. Well, fine. Let her find out how much she doesn’t know yet. Like, I don’t know… the fact that I’m seriously considering investing in a second property.

She’s going to flip when she hears that, because clearly she thinks I made a mistake on this one. The fact is, though, that I adore living here. It may not be a model of structural perfection or in the most upmarket neighbourhood around, but it’s got everything I need, it’s close to everywhere I want to be and, best of all, the mortgage is paid off. I’m ready for round two – bring on the property auctions, real estate negotiations and endless sea of paperwork!

Look, I’ll grant Lea that there are a few areas in which I could’ve been a tad wiser the first time around. For example, had no idea that the roof was going to need so much work; if I had, I might have worked harder to get a lower price. That’s why I’m considering hiring a property advocate. Melbourne, you see, isn’t the easiest property market to wade through, especially when it comes to things like identifying off-market opportunities.

I want someone to do my bidding (literally) at auctions, and formulate an overall buying strategy. I hate doing all that kind of thing, mostly because I feel like I’m not crash hot at it, and don’t have the time or inclination to master it. Why not simply hire a real estate professional? Combine that with a budding architectural expert for a sister, and I can hardly go wrong.