Saving Private Bandit

If I was going to save Bandit, I had to re-solidify myself quickly. As a liquified puddle of green goop, thanks to Archerak, I couldn’t really do much. The solidifying process takes about an hour before I’m back in my purple-skinned Space Wizard form. This journey to Earth hasn’t at all been what I expected. I joined a reality television series and got turned into a goop puddle. Pretty crazy stuff.

Then I hung out with Bandit, and we were smashing the competition rather than smashing glass. Bandit used to tell me how it was easier to not smash glass when I could hold him accountable. Apparently it was the best thing for him since getting a job with those Mornington automotive specialists. Given Bandit was my best friend, I had to save him.

Solidifying was a painful experience, especially since I was losing part of myself to the nearby gutter with every minute. By the time it was over, perhaps half of my mass had fallen into the sewer. Thankfully it didn’t seem to make any difference. No harm done.

When my true form had been restored, I shot into the air and began looking for the red sedan driven by detective Schlock Homes. Using my psychic powers, I created a mental link with the auto electrician near Mornington that Bandit used to work for. Given Schlock had been a previous customer, I asked the mechanic to find out what the number plate was. Turns out the detective had a custom plate: D3T3CT0R. That would make him easier to find.

After about two hours of flying around Melbourne, searching, I finally spotted the car. It was parked at another mechanic’s shop, so I swooped down and used my magic to rip open the roof. Inside, there sat John Whatson and Bandit. Using my telekinesis I picked Bandit up and flew him out of the vehicle. Whatson screamed after us, as Schlock exited the workshop and called as well.

“What do you say we get back to Australia’s Next Top Office?” I said.

Bandit smiled. “Yeah, we’ve got a competition to win.”