Secret Bathroom Renovations

bathroom upgradesWhen the time comes for Anne and Frederick to move I will be really sad to see them go. It has been so great to have them stay with me while they get settled in Melbourne. I forgot what it was like to have kids in the house. I love the energy they bring. The other day I heard Fred on the phone to a guy who is one of the best bathroom renovators Melbourne has to offer. I know he hasn’t got a job with them so he must be making some plans. I figured they haven’t told me yet because they know I will miss them but I imagine they have found a house. The good news is if he is talking to renovators it must be pretty run down so it will probably be awhile until they actually move out. Hopefully it is not just the bathroom that needs renovating.

Now, every time I see one of them I try and pry and get it out of them but so far no luck. I know I can be a bit of a busybody but I did go for a little snoop in their bedroom, after all they are staying in my house, and I found some documents with a letterhead from a bathroom renovations contractor in Brighton. They must have been to see a place in Brighton sometime last week when I was away. The renovation plans looked fairly advanced, it looks like they had already chosen finishing touches like light fittings and bathroom floor tiles. I think I am going to have to sit down with them and tell them that I know. I’m sure they just don’t want to hurt my feelings but they don’t need to be skirting around planning bathroom renovations when I’m out of earshot. In fact, I might start talking about my own bathroom renovation plans just to drop the hint that I know what they are up to.