Socks and Cats

Now that I don’t have a job any more, I’m taking some well-earned me-time. Time for me, and my love for cartoons, so really it’s ‘me and cartoons time’. Although if I’m honest, I’ve begun to plumb the depths of too much. Sometimes I can’t tell what happened in the real world and what happened in the world of quality animation.

For example, I don’t actually think there’s a Melbourne laundry renovation professional who fights the spirits of socks who get lost in the tumble dryer in real life. I’m going to say that’s 90% within the realm of animation. Oh yep, now I remember: that’s the plot of the wacky supernatural comedy Oh Dry Goodness, Suzuki Sock Fighter! Ah yep. So you’ve got Suzuki, who does things like laundry and bathroom renovations, but she does that mostly as a cover to rescue the abandoned spirits of socks who are lost in transit, and they’re always vengeful so it ends up in a hilarious slapstick battle, and Suzuki is a total klutz.

No, but there’s definitely a real life renovation company that uses renovations to solve marital issues between cat people; I heard it on the news. Yeah, they’re the Mew-Mew Kitchen Brigade. No…hang on…that’s from the show Mew-Mew Kitchen Brigade. I always get that one mixed up, especially since there’s the OTHER show, My Honey Abigail, Kitchen Renovation Princess, with…well, I won’t say a similar premise, but wow, there sure are a lot of shows about renovations recently. There have been lifestyle shows like that for a while here in the West, but Japan is jumping on the trend in their own way.

I guess companies doing custom bathroom design in Melbourne should be happy that people are getting ideas. I don’t even own a home and I wish I could get remodelling done. It’d be all for the wacky, ghostly fun-times, but still.