Special Challenge Alert

Jack Zebraman, Star and Celebrity: What Does He Know About Laundries? Does He Know Things? Let’s Find Out! That’s the name of the special challenge designed for the famous star of the classic 90s crime show, Black and White. Seeing as he won the previous challenge, building the best glass balustrade of Sweden, the artificial Victorian town, we’ve decided to give Jack this special challenge. We’re dedicating an entire episode of Australia’s Next Top Model to his performance. How well will he do? Will he give laundry designers across the country a run for their money? Let’s find out!

Laundry design is particularly tricky, especially since most offices don’t have a laundry. What would you even put in an office laundry? How many washing machines will be best? What about driers? So many questions, ones we will only learn the answer to as Jack Zebraman begins his design. We’ve given him a digital tablet and a drawing table complete with paper, pens and rulers. For twenty-four hours, Jack will be locked in the isolation room with no food, water or phone service. By the time he emerges, he’ll have a plan for one of the best laundry room renovations Melbourne has ever seen. At least we hope he does, otherwise, he gets to go back into the isolation room for another day or two! Isn’t this going to be fun?

Let’s check in on how the other contestants are doing. Oh my, those pink tiles are an interesting choice. What is the Glass Smashing Bandit thinking? Archerak looks like he’s really struggling with his office design, while Ms Frankie is thriving with hers. Then there’s the Dirge, who has been caught cheating and been disqualified from this challenge. You can’t have somebody else put together your office bathroom! 

My goodness, what drama we’ve had during these challenges. Thankfully that’s exactly what the audience wants. The more drama we have the better. I hope Archerak liquifies another contestant soon because we need to keep our eventual viewers hooked, otherwise we get cancelled.