Termite inspections a must for Frankston residents

It is not uncommon to see houses around my neighbourhood being partially demolished. The majority of the homes in these parts are built entirely out of wood. The area is mostly old weatherboard houses with the occasional red brick throw into the mix. A lot of these houses have one thing in common, termites. It’s astonishing how many homes have been lost to wood pests. A number of people who have been renting properties in the area were forced to leave their homes due to structural damage by white ants.

The contractors from termite control Frankston have to been doing a fantastic job informing local homeowners about the dangers of not installing proper termite guards. A lot of people trust the termite treatment team and are happy to follow their advice to safeguard their properties.

Considering how unsafe living in a termite infested house can be, it’s best to get it sorted out as quick as possible. I was relieved when the real estate agency phoned me about the termite inspections, Frankston is a real trouble spot for wood pests. I had no problem with the termite inspectors conducting a routine inspection. I didn’t know for sure if my property had termites, but if I was wrong I was ready to act quickly. Maybe it is because I don’t have a family to move, but I’d much rather be living in a place where pests are not eating the structure of the house.

The termite inspector spent an hour evaluating the house from top to bottom, talk about thorough. He was silent, the only sound was his pen frantically scribbling down notes on his evaluation report. I found the process intriguing as I watched him circle my home, focusing solely on his task, not taking a second to look at the many photos hanging around the room.

When he had finished he approached me and informed me that the house was clear of termite infestation. A smile appeared on his face as he told me I wouldn’t have to move any time soon. A wave of relief washed over me and I wished the termite inspector a good day. I was glad I didn’t need to leave my neighbourhood because of termites.