Unblocking the holiday let drains

The best financial advice I have ever been given was to create a fund for unexpected issues. Not necessarily emergencies but for things like car repair, domestic fixes and unexpected fines and bills. I don’t put loads of money into this non-emergency unexpected fund but I put a little away every now and again and it adds up. So far, it’s covered everything I have needed it to but I fear that this latest unexpected expense will bleed me dry. I have had to arrange the drain unblocking in Melbourne for our holiday let apartment there and the quote was insanely large. We haven’t been great at keeping up with the maintenance of it and it often goes for long periods of time without inhabitants, especially during the winter months. So I suppose it was only a matter of time until something went wrong but once I saw the bill I wished I had kept on top of the smaller repairs when they were needed. I think I will increase the cost of rental for summer to compensate for the drain repair. Melbourne is an extremely popular holiday destination during the summer for Australians and international tourists alike and so far I have always been able to fill the apartment through the entire season so I figure a little price boost shouldn’t make too much of a difference. I’m always sure to check over everything before new guests arrive so they aren’t landed with broken pipes or smashed windows. Annoyingly last time I checked, the drains were completely bust hence the whole dipping into the non-emergency unexpected fund situation. Sadly this time the fund won’t quite cover the cost so I’ll have to dip into my savings and then start the fund from scratch once again.