Unclogging your sink with household items

When your sink will not drain there are a few things you can try with household items. Ideally you’ll have a bottle of drain cleaner on hand to help sort out the problem. Run warm water in your sink and pour the recommended amount of drain cleaner down the skin. Be extremely careful as drain cleaner is corrosive, it is best to use gloves. Turn the water off and let the drain cleaner sit for however long the bottle says. Most of the time this will clear your problem. If you don’t have drain cleaner on hand there is another way to get things moving. If you’re uncomfortable with attempting the work on your own it might be best to bring in drain cleaning Melbourne.

Most clogs occur in the p-trap, which is the U shaped pipe under your sink. Take a bowl and cut it underneath the U part of the pipe. Unscrew the nuts connecting the pipe to your sink and the drain. Water will start to seep into the bowl as you unscrew the nuts, this is normal. Wriggle the U pipe clear and empty the contents into the bowl. Look for any clogs are in the U pipe, this is most likely the cause of your problems. The best way to remove those clogs is the take the pipe outside and run a hose through it. 9 times out of 10 this will fix your sink clog. If the issue if further down the pipe a professional will need to be called. Secure the U pipe back in place making sure to tighten the nuts so there are no leaks. If your sink remains clogged it’s time to call in a professional from drain unblocking Melbourne. With a little luck you have just unclogged your sink all by yourself! If all of this sounds too difficult (or gross) then it’s probably best to give your local emergency plumber a call.