Ute Canopy Surprise

I got a job! It was easy as pie. I just arrived my fully decked out 4×4 with custom aluminium canopies and I was an instantly hired. I’ve been working full time as a carpenter for about two months now, and I’m pretty good at my job. I rock up on-site at 7:00 am every day and knock off with the boys at 3:00 pm. It’s hard work but it comes to me pretty naturally. I’m a pretty strong bloke so it’s easy for me to do the heavy lifting that the A graders don’t want to do. As long as it keeps me in their good books, I don’t really care what I do.

But yeah, the whole reason I got this job and decked out my car with under tray toolboxes for utes was so that I could pick up the ladies. I said to you guys in my last blog post that I expected to have myself a lady within three months of getting a job. I thought at the two-month mark, where I’m at now, I’d have ladies around me. I thought I’d spend this month going through the candidates and choosing a lady that fit all my criteria. Except there hasn’t even been a sniff.

I went out on the Saturday after my first week of full time and I thought the ladies would flock towards me. They didn’t and so I took matters into my own hands. I started going up to the ladies and they wouldn’t have a bar of me. I’m a nice guy and I have some of the most decked out ute canopies in the Melbourne CBD, so why wouldn’t a lady want me? I thought at the time that maybe my new job was just too fresh, but I haven’t had a single bite any weekend since. Maybe things will start picking up for me once I actually hit the three-month mark.