Wise Little Property Culture

I’ve been studying zoology for the past twenty years, and I’ve never come across anything quite like this. We’ve recently unearthed a certain subspecies of termites that organise themselves quite differently to the normal variety, specifically in the way they arrange their living spaces. Most termites have no real estate as such, instead eating for most of their brief existence, but these actually do cohabit in a manner similar to humans, returning there at night to pursue leisure activities after the day’s work.

What’s even more groundbreaking is the fact that once a termite passes adolescence, their carer will kick them out and make them find a home if their own. And it gets even stranger! There exists a certain subclass of termites that has been observed only to locate a new and perfect home for these homeless ones.

The human parallels are astounding. It’s like they were able to view things like real estate agents and property advocates based in Melbourne and replicate their behaviour. In fact, property advocates might be the more apt description, since the burrows they locate are often high-end property, luxurious by the standards of termites.

This actually caused me to do a bit of research on human society for the first time, since I’ve no experience with buyers advocates, and also a sleep in my lab. Kind of not really a property ladder expert here. In fact, it seems like most of these termites have their lives together a lot more than I do. They get a steady job 24 hours after they’re born, they get instant government-sanctioned aid when they need to find a home, and they don’t seem to bring their work with them. Nope, it’s just leisure time in their high end property. They really do have life sorted out, despite being termites.

I wonder if I can learn a thing or two. Like…there ARE buyers advocates firms servicing Melbourne, and they could find me a better place.

I’m just addicted to work, that’s my problem. Work and termites.

-W. U.