The Elsternwick House

As dawn broke, Elara was already on her feet. She was in Elsternwick, the sign at the town entrance declared. Elsternwick? What happened to Sandringham? Or was it Hawthorn? For some reason, she felt that she should head to the old Victorian house on the edge of town. There, her heart skipped a beat as […]

Feast for Brokers

Jon Broker, a prominent real estate agent, always found himself navigating the intricate labyrinth of real estate transactions. The negotiations, the paperwork, the legalities; it was enough to make anyone’s head spin. Luckily, he wasn’t alone. Over the years, he had built a strong network of local property conveyancing experts. These professionals were his lifeline, […]

No Pineapple Homes

Every morning, I wake up and do my daily clarinet practice. It’s a great ten minutes before my neighbour Bob begins his day with that monstrously loud alarm of his. Then he and his friend Pat run around the street trying to catch butterflies as if they were ten-year-old children. They drive me crazy. Absolutely […]