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    I’ve been studying zoology for the past twenty years, and I’ve never come across anything quite like this. We’ve recently unearthed a certain subspecies of termites that organise themselves quite differently to the normal variety, specifically in the way they arrange their living spaces. Most termites have no real estate as such, instead eating for […]

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  • Professional Opinion On Property

    My sister, Lea, came over this morning to announce that she’s finally been accepted into that architecture degree she’s been harping on about. That’s great, of course, but it would have been nicer if she hadn’t taken the sharing of it as an opportunity to criticise my new balcony renovation and disparage my suburb’s general […]

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  • Card Games On a Boat, Hoo Boy…

    Alright, so…that was an interesting weekend. I get all sorts coming through here, but mostly young, single folks who want a way to spend their time on a lonely weekend. Or people who just love adventure. I’ve had a few families through, though not many really want to spend all weekend with just themselves on […]

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  • Serious Signs of Termite Trouble

    Humans and termites haven’t always had the greatest of relationships. In fact, aside from several African tribes relishing them as delicacies, you could almost call us enemies. Termites really want to eat our delicious houses, and we really would prefer it if they didn’t. They have the numbers. We have size and technology. But exactly how […]

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  • The Bedbug Holiday

    Mum made us swear we wouldn’t tell anyone about needing professional bed bug exterimators. Frankston had been particularly warm in Spring, we’d had lots of hot nights and at first, we thought it was just heat rash. ‘What are those red spots on your arm Matt?’ Mum asked, twisting Matt’s forearm under the fluorescent kitchen […]

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  • How About an Old-Fashioned Soap?

    Look, I know I’m still in my twenties and I shouldn’t be complaining about how things were ‘back in the old days’, but I’m still old enough to remember when soap operas were about real life. Mum used to LOVE Next Door People, back before their stories went way over the top, and I was […]