Why I garden

In my retirement, I have taken up gardening as a hobby. It’s funny how as you get older your interests and the things that you find fun change. If someone told me ten years ago that I would come to love gardening I probably would laugh at them right in the face. Well, here we […]

Swing that Tree Felling Axe

Is it just me, or are job interviews getting harder? Used to be that you’d wear a tie, sit in a chair, answer some questions and that would be the decider over whether you had a long a prosperous future with this country. Yeah, seems kind of lacking now that I think about it, but […]

Red Riding Hood, Upgraded

I haven’t even reached middle-age yet, and even I thought fairy tales growing up were just a little bit lame. A girl who can’t tell that a wolf is actually her grandmother? How stupid do you have to be to not figure that one out? Oh, and that princess who finds all the dwarves living […]