It’s Raining Construction Men

aluminium service bodiesSo today, I caught a guy. Not caught him on the phone, or at work…like I actually caught a guy in my arms. Honestly, that kinda thing is just so unexpected that you just don’t know how to deal with it afterwards. Like, where to in life from here, you know? I didn’t even know I had the upper body strength! Must be all that cartin’ junk to and from the Expo venue.

So I was on my way to get my hair done and I was walking past a construction site. You know, they had all of them aluminium tool boxes made in Melbourne laying around everywhere…it’s a look I know pretty well, since our house was covered in the stuff when we were getting the extension put in. So yeah, I know how to not bang my head and all that. So I’m right next to the fence when I hear something break. Well, I got a bit of street savvy, so my head snaps up and a fella just falls out of the sky! Still not sure where these crazy reflexes came from, but I just sorta…he’d out my arms, and he fell into them. Bridal style and all! Left me with bruises and feeling like my arms were coming out of their sockets, but I still caught the guy. I had to put him down because I was aching all over, and things were just a bit awkward for a moment. Turns out he didn’t put together the work platform properly, it broke, he just managed to miss the barbed wire fence and that’s how we ended up with…all of this. His ute tool box hit the ground pretty hard but was undamaged. 

Real nice guy and all, but I had to tell him I was married. But if I wasn’t, though! What a way to meet a guy! That’s not something you’re gonna forget in a hurry! It’d be like, people would ask where you met, and you’d just have to say he dropped in one day or something. He’d better get good at dealing with those aluminium service bodies, Melbourne tradies definately can’t do without them. The next girl might not have the forearm strength.