Missing My Boat

Sometimes I just feel like a damsel stuck in an underground dungeon with a lion ready to eat me. It is those times that I get on my trusty boat and set out to sea, just to escape all the stresses of life that I have to deal with on the land. No, there’s nothing […]

No Pineapple Homes

Every morning, I wake up and do my daily clarinet practice. It’s a great ten minutes before my neighbour Bob begins his day with that monstrously loud alarm of his. Then he and his friend Pat run around the street trying to catch butterflies as if they were ten-year-old children. They drive me crazy. Absolutely […]

Why I garden

In my retirement, I have taken up gardening as a hobby. It’s funny how as you get older your interests and the things that you find fun change. If someone told me ten years ago that I would come to love gardening I probably would laugh at them right in the face. Well, here we […]

End of Roses

When we bees got put out of the job, the world really turned into a mess. I guess that big honey corporation didn’t realise that we were completely necessary to keep the world alive. You know, because we pollinate all the plants. Without us doing that, they’d all die out and the world would soon […]

Ute Canopy Surprise

I got a job! It was easy as pie. I just arrived my fully decked out 4×4 with custom aluminium canopies and I was an instantly hired. I’ve been working full time as a carpenter for about two months now, and I’m pretty good at my job. I rock up on-site at 7:00 am every […]

Solar Systems

We have this field in my local town that is dedicated to solar energy. Whenever people talk about it they call it the solar system, and for the longest time when I was young I thought they meant the solar system in space. It makes sense because if you’ve ever seen a field of solar […]

Dream Glazier Career

Well, I’m still not a glazier but that’s okay for now. I only settled on my dream career about a month ago and I know that these things take time. I told my elderly mother that I am on my way to change careers and she was supportive. She said all these things that belittled […]

Foot Injury Recovery

Community sport is back! I’m not sure if you’re aware as to why all community sports were cancelled last year, and if you’re not then it’s not my place to say. I would recommend getting out from underneath the rock you’ve been living under for the last year and checking out some current events. But […]

Beauty and Tinting

I’m currently studying beauty at university, and I’ve been given an impossible task. Well, the entire class has been given an impossible task. It’s actually our biggest assignment yet, which is pretty intimidating. Each of us needs to write an essay linking beauty to a completely random topic, decided by drawing a piece of paper […]

Saving Private Bandit

If I was going to save Bandit, I had to re-solidify myself quickly. As a liquified puddle of green goop, thanks to Archerak, I couldn’t really do much. The solidifying process takes about an hour before I’m back in my purple-skinned Space Wizard form. This journey to Earth hasn’t at all been what I expected. […]